25 Facts about US Presidents that You Did Not Know


The United States leaders have always been known for their private lives and usually the American public knows very little about them.

Here is a list of some of the things that you never knew about the Presidents of the United States:

1. George Washington was the wealthiest President

The first President of the United States was also the richest President ever and it is estimated that he had an enormous wealth that was worth more than $500 million in assets.


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2. Thomas Jefferson was the one who invented the swivel chair

Besides being a President, Jefferson invented the swivel chair.


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3. John F. Kennedy has received a Pulitzer Prize

Kennedy won a Pulitzer Prize in 1957 for a written biography.


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4. Calvin Coolidge had an encounter with a burglar

When Calvin Coolidge was President of the United States he was a guest at a hotel when he woke to a strange noise, only to find that there was a burglar in his room. He started talking to the burglar and found out that the burglar was actually a student who did not have any money to finish his college studies, so he had to resort to stealing. Coolidge then gave the man $32 that he had in his wallet and told him to leave the room the same way he came in, in order to escape being caught by the Secret Service agents.


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5. Richard Nixon played poker

Before his political career started, Richard Nixon was part of the US Navy and had friends who won major poker games. He wanted to replicate their success in making a lot of money, so learned how to play poker and in a couple of months he won $6,000, which he used to sponsor his first Congressional campaign.


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6. Barack Obama loves comic books

Current US President Barack Obama has a big love for comic books and has collected many comics over his lifetime. He is a big fan of the Spider-Man comics.


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7. Lyndon B. Johnson had many extramarital affairs

Johnson was a big womanizer during his presidency and his colleagues and friends often referred to the women that he slept with as being part of his Presidential harem.


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8. Harry S. Truman’s middle name is fake

President Truman’s middle name does not exist. In fact, the “S” that stands in his name should have been his middle name, but his parents could not agree on a particular name for many months after he was born.


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9. Woodrow Wilson is the only President with a PhD

Woodrow Wilson was not able to read and write up until he was 10 years old. Ironically, he is the most educated President of the United States ever, earning a PhD from the John Hopkins University in history and political science.


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10. Warren Harding was terrible at poker

President Warren Harding insisted on playing poker games, even though he was terrible at it. Once while gambling at the White House, he lost the entire White House china collection.


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11. William Taft once got stuck in a bathtub

President William Taft was a very large man and is considered to be the largest President of the United States ever. He once got himself stuck in a bathtub at the White House and had to get his aides to help him get out of the bathtub.


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12. Theodore Roosevelt finished a speech with a bullet in the chest

Teddy Roosevelt was giving a speech in Milwaukee when there was an assassination attempt ending with a bullet in his chest. He told the audience “I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot. I give you my word, I do not care a rap about being shot, not a rap.” He continued his hour and a half speech and then was rushed to the hospital.


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13. William McKinley wore a lucky charm

President McKinley always wore a red carnation for good luck. He was even mocked for his practice and was asked whether he really believed in lucky charms, to which he replied yes. In 1901 his fears became true when he gave his lucky charm to a girl he met and in a matter of seconds he was shot by an assassin and died 8 days later.


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14. James A. Garfield could use both hands to write

President Garfield was the only President who was ambidextrous and was able to write with both his left and his right hand. He was able to write Greek with one hand and Latin with the other at the same time.


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15. Andrew Jackson gave his oath of office while being drunk

President Jackson was known for the parties at the White House he held for his friends. Reportedly he was a big alcoholic and was very drunk during his inauguration ceremony. It was reported that he had too much whiskey to drink right before he took the stage of his inauguration.


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16. Abraham Lincoln was quite the tough guy

Lincoln had a reputation of being a tough man, but it is a lesser known fact that he used to wrestle as a young man living in New Salem, Illinois. Reportedly he was defeated only once and had won around 300 wrestling matches. A particular wrestling match had made him very feared in the community when he went against a local bully.


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17. James Buchanan never married

President Buchanan was the only US President to never have a wife. Some have speculated that he enjoyed his bachelor life and enjoyed being a flirt, not wanting to settle down. Others have even speculated that he had a broken heart and did not want to have any relationships with women. There has also been speculation that he was a homosexual and that he lived with William Rufus King, a Senator of Alabama, prior to his presidency.


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18. Millard Fillmore married his teacher

While being in high school at the New Home Academy, President Millard Fillmore got married to his first wife, who also happened to be his high school teacher. He was 19 years old at the time.


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19. John Tyler may as well be the least popular President

Many people might argue over the fact who is the least popular President of the United States, but there is a written historical fact about who that president might be. Right after President John Tyler died in 1862, the New York Time issued an obituary that portrayed him as “the most unpopular public man that had ever held any office in the United States”.


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20. James Monroe had a capital named after him

President Monroe was instrumental in the negotiation with the American Colonization Society in order to create a state for the freed slaves. The capital of Liberia has the name of Monrovia in his honor.


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21. Martin Van Buren is credit for inventing the OK phrase

President Van Buren has made OK clubs a main support of his Presidential campaign. The OK club stands for his nickname, which was Old Kinderhook, because he was raised in Kinderhook, New York. Supposedly, the OK clubs were the first ones to use OK as a colloquial phrase.


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22. James Madison was built like a teen boy

President James Madison is considered to be the smallest President of the United States ever. He reportedly weighted under 100 pounds and was only 5 feet, 4 inches tall.


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23. Andrew Jackson’s pet bird had known many curse phrases

President Jackson taught his pet parrot how to curse and the bird learn so many phrases that he had to be taken away from the President’s funeral, because people were getting distraught at the cursing of the parrot that was also in attendance.


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24. Franklin Pierce allegedly ran over an old woman

President Pierce loved horseback riding and was often seen on a horse. Reportedly, one day while taking a stroll he ran over an old woman. However, there was insufficient evidence to convict him, so the charges were dropped.


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25. Ronald Reagan was a stand-up comic

Every American is familiar with the acting career of President Reagan, but it is a less known fact that when his acting career took a turn for the worse, he tried doing stand-up comedy in Las Vegas in 1954. After only three weeks of doing stand-up he concluded that he should look for other passions in life.


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