WikiLeaks Sheds Light on Benghazi… It Can’t Get Any Worse For Hillary Can It?


by CnillH


Pleas For Help Disregarded by Hillary…



Source: NPR/NBC


There’s no way in the world that Hillary Clinton should ever be the next President.

It’s easy to focus on the emails and health problems not to mention the “deplorable” debacle, and that would be enough for most people.

Let’s not forget that four Americans were killed by the decisions made by Hillary in Benghazi.

She ignored the request for more security and the result was UNFORGIVABLE.


 WikiLeaks released more of Podesta emails:

#PodestaEmails27 @wikileaks #42161
Internal @hillaryclinton camp flags for the #Benghazi emails…MUST see

— DMC (@BadassTexCowboy) November 3, 2016



Source: WikiLeaks


Via Twichy:


“At least EIGHT times, the Secretary of State was warned about the dangers in Benghazi or was asked for help. It was ignored. Americans were left as sitting ducks. Hillary Clinton is reprehensible. Criminal. Dangerously incompetent. Lacking in character. And unfit for office.”


How does one knowingly disregard the life of another when you could’ve done something about it?

This person wants to be your next President… Give Me Break!


We have to make a decision here.  It’s not a tough one, it’s the Right One.  Hillary cannot be Trusted.


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