GOODBYE: How to Become a Canadian Citizen … “If Trump wins, I’m leaving the Country.”


GOODBYE: How to Become a Canadian Citizen … “If Trump wins, I’m leaving the Country.”




How many “so called” celebrities have we heard complain about the possibility of TRUMP becoming the next president over the past few months?  It seems like everyday another one pops up like a fashion trend to announce their intentions  as if their occupancy is why America is awesome.  News flash… NOBODY CARES…  They always end their ranting by stating they will move to another country if Trump is elected. Well, we thought we’d help by listing the requirements needed to start their (hopefully permanent) transfer to Canada.


The Business Insider is here to shed some light on the subject:


Preface: Make sure you’re not already a Canadian citizen.

Be at least 18 years old.

Enter the pool for skilled immigrants.

Have a permanent residence in Canada.

Declare your intent to reside.

Spend six years at that residence.

Provide your income tax filing.

Speak English or French.

Know a thing or two about Canada.

Know why your application might get denied.

Invest in durable clothes for your local climate.

Take advantage of the customs of your new life.

I think that about covers it… You’re Welcome!


Now that they’re adequately prepared for their next journey I feel really good about it, don’t you?

I wonder though… Do these privileged, overpaid complainers ever realize the part they play in problem causing?

We need problem solvers, not problem causers. We expect you to run.  That’s what cowards do.

No matter the outcome we have to fight for this country not abandoned her.

We’ll soon know, and together have to make the best of it regardless.  That’s what makes this country Great!

So go ahead and leave, I promise you another dreamer will fill your spot no sooner than you cross the border… Goodbye.


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