The REAL Reason Hillary Did Not Give A Concession Speech Last Night- WHOA!

Many people though it was really unusual that Hillary would call Donald Trump and concede to him but yet she did not come out and give her concession speech to her supporters.

Instead of addressing her supporters herself she sends out her campaign chairman Podesta.

Many are alluding to the fact that Hillary was “not in the proper mental state” to address her supporters.

Sources say.

Could it be that Hillary was having an emotional breakdown?

Could it be that health issues were apparent last night?



Some people are saying she was so confident that she was going to win that she didnt even have a concessions speech ready!

Bad optics, much?

Yikes. Bit of a slap in the face to Hillary’s dedicated supporters, no?

Doesn’t exactly scream “taking the high road,” either.

On the other hand, maybe she’s got a good reason for ditching her fans: