The Numbers Are In : Trump Ran One of the Most Efficient Campaigns in History … This Guy Is Good!


The Numbers Are In: Trump Ran One of the Most Efficient Campaigns in History … This Guy Is Good!



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Donald Trump is a BILLIONAIR!  Let that sink in… Now I know that’s not a surprise, his financial life has been under scrutiny for a while now.  And it should come to no surprise that he’s a wizard with the dollar.  You need proof?  We need look no further than the presidential campaign that concluded on 11/9/16.

Let’s begin by acknowledging his dominance over the media.  How do you win an election for the President of the United States without the help of “media?” Here’s how he did it.  Instead of relying on the support of television, radio and newspaper, the people around his campaign realized the importance of social media.  You can tell that by simply visiting his Facebook page.  With almost 14,000,000 followers he had more people working for him than most states have in population.  One network reported that only 2 newspapers supported him and nearly 95% of all television networks turned their backs on him yet he still pulled it off.

Townhall reported that Trump highlights his ability to get things accomplished ahead of time while saving money.  They go on to say that the efficiency of his campaign will probably never be seen in our lifetimes again.

Reuters reported that Trump paid less than $5 per vote while Clinton paid double that.

Trump raised about 270 million since June 2015. (Obama spent nearly 2/3 more on re-election in 2012).

From Bustle:

Clinton received 59,600,600 votes. (x) that by $10.00 each and you get = $596,000,000

Trump received 59,400,000 votes. (x) that by $5.00 each and you get = $297,000,000

We have a guru on our hands.  And thankfully he’s our president.

Trump cares a great deal about his work.  Being a real estate mogul has gained him much respect throughout the world.

Imagine what this guy and his team of course, will accomplish for our country if we let them…


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