The Last Laugh: What Clinton Supporters Are Trying to Pull off is Truly Despicable…


The Last Laugh: What Clinton Supporters Are Trying to Pull off is Truly Despicable…



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I realize there are some who find the election results repulsing (Whiny Clinton Voters).  But you’re not going to believe what they’re up to now.

Millions of liberal lunatics are signing a petition to overturn the election results in favor of Hillary.


*I know, you don’t believe me.  So, here’s the petition – ( (2,505,368 supporters so far)*



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The Blaze reported: The Electoral College will cast their ballots on the 19th of December.  They can choose to go with the outcome of each states results or if they want to pay a small fine, they can still vote for Hillary Clinton.

The petition is asking each Elector to ignore their states’ votes and make Clinton president because they claim Trump is unfit to serve.

“Since Clinton won the popular vote she should be President,” they say.  So regardless of what the Constitution says we need to negate it all and change it because a few sore losers are crying about the results because they didn’t win… I don’t think so.


Did You Know?


“24 states bind electors.  If electors vote against their party, they usually pay a fine.  And people get mad.  But they can vote however they want and there is no legal means to stop them in most states.”


So instead of supporting a man with a business mind that will no doubt turn this country around, these crazy people would rather have a manipulating liar who belongs behind bars as their president.  That pretty much sums it up.

Did you know when you voted for trump you accepted all his faults as your own?  Every word and deed the man has said and done is now your responsibility… of course not.

That’s the type of rhetoric the liberals want you to believe while refusing to acknowledge the evil actions and beliefs of their so-called hero.

They can make up all the lies they need to digest the reality of this moment.  Go ahead, take your time.  We’ll still be here when you’re through.

Democracy does not mean happiness 24/7.  There will be times when sadness will overwhelm you (how do you think we’ve felt for the past 8 years).  Democracy is about the pursuit of happiness.  We must chase after it and on 11/9/16, we caught it.

So, stop complaining, stop trying to sabotage the election and get on board.  It’s okay to be wrong; learn from it.


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