Trump Triumphs: The Video We’ve All Been Waiting For is Here!


The Video We’ve All Been Waiting For is Here!



source: enVolve


by CHamm

It’s no big surprise that the media played a Huge role in the election.  Their utter disdain of Trump could not have been more apparent.  Although it was mostly  in jest, everyone knew where the media stood.

You may be asking yourself, so how did the media play a “huge” role?  Here’s how… They woke the minds of America.  They stirred us up and forced us to look past the rhetoric and propaganda to find the truth.  We had been lulled to slumber and reminded over and over again that the Country was on it’s way to more of the same.  Enough is enough!  On November 9, 2016 the Giant (media) fell.  We had enough of the ranting and spewing of poison.  We had enough of the negativity.  We stood our ground and in the face of lies, prevailed in spite of it.

Donald J. Trump

-First Announced on June 16, 2015
-Presumptive nominee: May 4, 2016
-Official nominee: July 19, 2016
-Won election: November 9, 2016

[Bconn Trump] created a montage of video clips that tells the story of the past 17 Months.


It’s far overdue.  Without any further delay, we give you the video we’ve ALL been waiting for.



I believe the American colloquial idiom “Eating Crow” is in order… I wonder what it taste like?



Feature Photo: Huffington Post