What This News Analyst Just Said About a Trump Supporter Who was Brutally Attacked is INCOMPREHENSIBLE…


News Analyst Makes Fun of Trump Supporter Who was Brutally Attacked – “Oh My, Poor White People”…



source: Boston Globe


Our country has seen better days.  Uncertainty reigns for reasons only the media can explain.  And you can see how far that’s taken us.

The media it to blame for this.  You cannot expect people to act rationally when all you’ve reported is irrational content towards Donald Trump.

We now have a society with trust issues, so they act out in fear.

What was meant to put Hillary in the White House has backfired.  And the results are riots, violence and even death threats.  There were even protesters at Trump Towers with signs calling for the rape of Melania Trump.



Check out the video below.

CNN reporters arguing over the beating of a “white” Trump supporter who was brutally attacked and dragged nearly 5 blocks while holding to his car.


source: News Broadcasts / YouTube


Without question, what you just heard is a racist statement.  The sad part is this type of reporting goes on every day.

Donald Trump was elected by those who are tired of the way media attempts to govern society.

Change is coming…

H/T: YoungCons