Obama SHOCKS the World with Three Words …He Did Not Just Say That!


He Did Not Just Say That! “Without Significant Scandal”



CBS (Twitter)


Allow me to define scandal: “An action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.”

President Obama has actually gone on National Television claiming that his administration was leaving without “significant scandal.”


CBS (Twitter)


From: White House Dossier (Reported in 2013)

“Obama is at Two Dozen Scandals and Counting.”  This was in 2013… Let that sink in for a second.

1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies

2. Benghazi

3. Watching the AP

4. Rosengate

5. Potential Holder perjury I

6. The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme

7. Potential Holder Perjury II

8. Sebelius demands payment

9. The Pigford scandal

10. GSA gone wild

11. Veterans Affairs in Disney World

12. Sebelius violates the Hatch Act

13. Solyndra

14. AKA Lisa Jackson

15. The New Black Panthers

16. Waging war all by myself

17. Biden bullies the press

18. AKPD not A-OK

19. Sestak, we’ll take care of you

20. I’ll pass my own laws

21. The hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer

22. An American Political Prisoner

23. Get rid of inconvenient IGs

24. Influence peddling


(This does not include the past 3 years) What about Hillary’s emails or the Iran ransom scandal…


I believe the pat on the back can stop now…


Source: CBS/Twitter/WhiteHouseDossier