“Economic Terrorism”: Destructive Protestors Are In For A Major Wake Up Call… (Class C Felony)


“Economic Terrorism”: Destructive Protestors Are In For A Major Wake Up Call… (Class C Felony)



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by TC

I witnessed firsthand a protest in Cincinnati Ohio on Interstate 75, roughly 6 months ago.  Protesters shut down the (major) highway without thinking of the economic consequences of their actions.  (Accidents, public safety, emergency management, lost wages, property damages, hysteria).

At a time when anti-Trump protests are taking place across the country many are concerned.  So much so that laws are in the works that could put a damper on protests that are destructive in nature.  I believe it’s high time these laws were implemented for the safety of citizens and property.

From The Hill:

“Economic Terrorism” is now a thing. A bill has been proposed by a Republican state lawmaker that would give authorities permission to charge protesters with “economic terrorism.”

Protesting would be considered a class C felony under the proposed bill if “economic disruption” or if human / property were jeopardized. Violators would face a fine of $10,000 or five years in prison. (Both penalties could be given.)

Commerce and transportation have been areas of concern since protesting has picked up.

Washington state Sen. Doug Ericksen said in a statement:

“I respect the right to protest, but when it endangers people’s lives and property, it goes too far. Fear, intimidation and vandalism are not a legitimate form of political expression. Those who employ it must be called to account.” He went on to add, “We are not just going after the people who commit these acts of terrorism,” he added. “We are going after the people who fund them. Wealthy donors should not feel safe in disrupting middle-class jobs.”

*It must be noted – Under the law strikes or picketing will not be included. *

It’s unfortunate as a civilized society that we have to resort this type of control.  It would seem second nature that we would respect others and their belongings;  I guess not.  It’s a shame that because of a few, many have to deal with the consequences.


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