Texas College Creates Trump “Therapy Wall” For Students To Express Their Feelings… Would You Please Grow Up!


Texas College Creates Trump “Therapy Wall” For Students To Express Their Feelings… Would You Please Grow Up!


Welcome to our reality people.  This is what our country has to look forward to if we don’t change this mess.



From: TheCollegeFix  – The University of Texas-Austin has created a “Therapy Wall” for students do express their feelings….

The College Fix reports: “The Therapy Wall follows other post-election therapeutic services offered by elite universities and faculty: a “Cry In” at Cornell, puppies and coloring books at the University of Pennsylvania and exams that were postponed or made optional so students could talk through their anxieties.
But they had a more sober response to the election of Republican Donald Trump, which has provoked existential fear on campus.



University of Texas-Austin


The student government created a “Therapy Wall” in the Student Activity Center Wednesday for students to properly express themselves in a therapeutic manner.
Many of those expressions posted on the wall when The College Fix visited it Thursday consisted of profanity. A spokesperson for the administration said it is “not taking any of them down.”


Why can’t the youth of our generation understand that they’re being rocked to sleep by institutionalism?   They ignorantly follow the blind because they themselves are blind.  Shame on those who should be taking a stand for this country but instead teach ignorance and conditioned behavior to the ignorant.  You don’t want them believing in a country that you don’t believe in.  So instead you sabotage the truth and create followers out of leaders.  You steal their voices by interjecting your own.  You are thieves of freedom and liberty.  You are pretenders who have been identified publicly and shamed.  This election has proved your worth.

We have a chance to fix this country.  How dare you get in the way of that.  For once in your life get out of the way of progress and help.  Contribute to the next generation by being teachers, your job is not babysitting.  You’re responsibility is to form the minds of our youth, not form your opinions in the minds of our youth.  Do the right thing and STOP.


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Feature Photo: Soncia Reagins-Lilly