Dr Oz Promotes Human Microchips To Millions Of Viewers

Mainstream media has continued its attempt to normalize the idea of microchips for humans, with Dr Oz the latest to air a report claiming “microchips for humans are the next big thing” and that Americans will accept this because a microchip embedded under your skin will make you “healthier and safer.”

We are so attracted to our devices that it’s almost like they are part of our bodies,” enthuses Dr Oz’s producer. “Well, what if they really could become part of our bodies? Guess what, they can!

Holding an RFID microchip up to the camera, the producer breathlessly explains a supposed benefit of implanting the chip – you will be tracked “like your pets or your phone.”

Given what we now know about government surveillance and snooping, alarm bells should be ringing already. But it gets worse.

Explaining that 10,000 people have already had microchips embedded in their bodies, the producer excitedly claims that a chip will function as your drivers license, keys, passport, wallet and credit card – in other words, handing even more of your privacy, autonomy and independence over to banks and government.

But the producer isn’t finished with the exciting news about “the next big thing“. The microchips will also allow government officials and doctors to instantly – “with just a swipe” – see your entire medical history, date of birth, insurance, blood type, allergies, the medication you take, and much, much more.