Putting America First: The Announcement Trump Just Made Is “HUGE”


Putting America First:  The Announcement Trump Just Made Is “HUGE”


It’s so refreshing to see our next president chomping at the bits to “Make America Great Again.”  There’s still 2 months left before his inauguration and he’s already informing the American people of what he has planned on the first day of office.   You got to love this guy!



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It’s no secret, President-Elect Donald J. Trump has had a major issue with our trading deals since the beginning.  The “Trans-Pacific Partnership” was a “disaster” in the eyes of Trump and he made America and anyone who’d listen aware of that.  Trump let us in on a few of the changes we can expect once he’s officially in office.


                        Transition 2017


It looks like Trump is ready to get started. I for one am ready to get on board the change train!


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