Chipotle Sued for Making Customers ‘Too Full’ …Is This Going Too Far?


Chipotle Sued for Making Customers ‘Too Full’ …Is This Going Too Far?



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Let’s face it, America’s in trouble when it comes to the waist line. It’s no secret that as a country we need to be making better choices, culinarily speaking. Thousands of diet programs are being shoved in our faces every day. Count this, don’t count that, eat this, don’t eat that, it’s a never-ending cycle of aggravation. We are a nation filled with fast-food super stars that absolutely ROCK! They do, and they taste good too and their affordable. Almost every restaurant now brandishes a nutritional chart in some shape or form (brochure, website, poster). This is supposed to offer customers some sort of useful info that can magically alter hunger… It never works on me.

Making customers aware of the caloric value of their choices is a good thing if the information is correct. But wouldn’t that mean every dish would need to be measured precisely? How can you accurately place a number on a product if the quantity of ingredients varies from each order? I guess that’s where the guys in the following story come in.

According to Pittsburgh (CBS Local): – Chipotle is facing another issue concerning their food. This time it’s so bizarre that it’s honestly hard to believe.

Three men in Los Angeles have decided to sue the restaurant chain for making them ‘too full’ after eating a chorizo burrito from Chipotle’s simplistic menu.

The chorizo burrito is made up of chicken and pork sausage and is being advertised as only 300 calories. The three men ate the burrito thinking that the 300 calories would be a healthier choice then complained that the burrito made them ‘too full.’ So obviously, the right thing to do is sue… so that’s what they’re doing.



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Via LAist:  One of the men ““felt excessively full and realized that the burrito couldn’t have been just 300 calories,” so he filed the complaint with the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

I’m not advocating false advertisement or ‘bait and switch’ strategies in business, but I believe this is more of a gimmick than anything. Per the source, the ‘victims’ are attempting to stop the use of misleading information in advertisements and that is commendable, but they’re also seeking unspecified damages for feeling ‘too full,’ that’s going ‘too far’ if you’re asking me.


What Do You Think?  Is This a Real Problem, or Is This Going Too Far?


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H/T: Pittsburgh (CBS Local)

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