“Oh No He Didn’t!” – TV Talk Show Host Crushes College Student Who Disrespects American Flag…


EPIC: TV Talk Show Host Embarrasses College Student Who Disrespects American Flag





Apparently allowing Old Glory to wave from a flagpole is an absolute atrocity. I did not know that… Hampshire College has decided to remove the America Flag because they feel this action somehow fights racism…???

Tucker Carlson decided to get involved and invited a (liberal) student from Hampshire College to come on his television program and debate it with him.
That didn’t turn out so well for the student who pays $62,000 per year for college, by the way.

The student made the following statement: “Think about the groups that use the flag, from police officers to the US Army, these are the forces on the ground that make oppression happen.”

Tucker Carlson replied: “If the police and the Army would go away, sensitive college students like you would be eaten alive.”

I’m all for standing up for what’s right, it would be safe to say that most Americans are.  However, this is not standing up… this is laying down.  These are cowards who are more interested in a reaction on social media than they are on making a difference.  The nauseating part for me is that institutions reward this type of garbage. If you don’t have a cause, make one up.  That should seriously be their moto.


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Feature Photo: HIGH ENERGY / Fox News