VIDEO: Medical Student Taught by 4-Year-Old Genius in Grocery Store… You Have To See This!


Medical Student Taught by 4-Year-Old Genius in Grocery Store



source: Parnia Salehi


A 24-year-old medical student (Morehouse Medical School) was shopping at Trader Joe’s when she me a young boy and his father and they started a conversation about the medical field.

Parnia Salehi, had no idea what she was in for on this beautiful day in Atlanta Georgia. But within a few moments of talking with 4-year-old Anson Wong, she started videoing the conversation.

He asked what kind of Doctor she wanted to be and she told him she was studying the brain. He began talking about the nervous system, organ function, antibodies, and bacteria, among other things.

When asked his favorite topic, Anson said it was the immune system “always, forever.”

“It was at least graduate level physiology,” said Salehi. “Such a random thing for a little kid to be passionate about! The immune system.”


Click Video Below to Watch Parnia and Anson’s Conversation


source: Parnia Salehi


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Feature Photo: Parnia Salehi