U.S. City Renames “Good Friday” – “It’s an unnecessary poke in the eye to many Christians.”


U.S. City Renames “Good Friday” – “It’s an unnecessary poke in the eye to many Christians.”





Good Friday – The Friday before Easter Sunday, on which the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commemorated in the Christian Church.

I have to admit, this one got to me.  Can someone please explain to me how “Good Friday” is offensive?

If it’s connected to Christ in anyway you can guarantee it will be scrutinized.

The following took place in Bloomington Indiana.  Hold on to your hats people, this one will have your head spinning…


According to Mayor John Hamilton of Bloomington, Indiana – Good Friday will be known as “Spring Holiday.” He told Fox 59 that the change will “better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace.”

A few locals (probably one) have voiced their opinion on the subject and so the Mayor decided to change the name in order not to offend the few.

He said: “As a mayor we are in charge of government. We do not set religious policies, we are not supposed to be part of religion and we are just trying to make sure that our government is open to all people and inclusive.”

The Herald Times reported: “It was not necessary and just stands to divide rather than unite when it comes to Good Friday.”

“It’s a day important to the faith of many in this country,” they wrote. “The idea of acting as if city leaders don’t acknowledge its existence and would rather stick a “Spring Holiday” name on it is insensitive to those for whom it means a lot. It’s an unnecessary poke in the eye to many Christians.”

Todd Starnes (Fox News) Contributed expertly by making the following comment on the subject: “Apparently, the only way to achieve cultural diversity and sensitivity is by disrespecting Italians and Christians.”

He went on to say: “They never touch the Muslim holidays, do they? When was the last time you saw, a liberal lawmaker launch a crusade to rename Ramadan?”
“You’d have a better chance of spotting Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail.”


This is no big surprise is it? If you’re a Christian you’ve seen this type of ridicule and persecution before.

The sad part is, it will never be considered as such. We’re expected to never disagree and to always turn the other cheek…

Let’s call it what it is shall we. This is an attack on everything Christian by intolerant liberals.

When the media (The Herald Times) is on your side you know it’s absurd.


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H/T: Todd Starnes

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