Food Stamp Recipients Required to Work… The Results Will SHOCK You!


Food Stamp Recipients Required to Work… The Results Will SHOCK You!



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Let me say this from the get go.  I believe in helping those who help themselves first. I realize that the cost of living has skyrocketed and the incomes of two adults can barely get a family by these days.  These are the individuals who deserve help when it’s available.

On the other hand, there’s nothing more irritating than someone who feels entitled to free housing, food, utilities etc. all because you choose not to work.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I realize there are folks who are disabled who need help and as a country we need to support them when we can. But please do not mistake having children as a disability.

The problem is a systemic one.  And until those who make the decisions realize that, we’ll never fix it.  Economically this is a major drain on our country. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with insisting those who benefit from these service to contribute in other ways that will help their communities.

The Gov. of Main, Paul LePage, thought so too.  He placed a three-month limit on food stamp benefits for able-bodied adults without dependents (Abawds).  This limit is only enforced if the “Abawds” refuse to get a job working 20 hours a week, take job training, or volunteer six hours a week.

The results were staggering… Because the recipients refused to get a job or volunteer six hours a week, nearly 80 percent of people were cut off from the welfare program.  Yes you heard that right… 6 hours per week was too much.


From NY Times:




There you have it folks, a prime example of the mindsets of an entitled generation.  I’m happy that Gov. LaPage took a stand for his state.  Now we need the rest to follow suit.



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