Muslims Angry After Christians Refuse to Sell Property for Mosque


Muslims Angry After Christians Refuse to Sell Property for Mosque



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We live in a sensitive time currently.  The results of the resent Presidential election has proved the direction that America is going.  There’s a charge in the air of taking back this country and citizens all across America are standing up together in unity.  It’s something that’s been missing for quite awhile now.  People will experience all sorts of behaviors during this time of transition.  It’s a transition back to the basics and that scares some people.  The liberal part of this country sees it as moving backwards towards a time where we undo what we’ve accomplished in the past 8 years.  For those of us who fail to see the “accomplishment” part, this reverse trend is simply a way to remove ourselves from a stagnant ideology that seems to be moving but really we’re a rock in a river.  We get credit for the moving due to our association with the water.  We’ve been in a parking spot people; we must back out to go forward.

A town in Colorado is taking a stand and it’s drawing major attention…


From TRIB Live:




I don’t know where you stand in all of this.  I hope we as a country can come together during this uncertain climate.  One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be hard to predict.


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