Clayton Jennings Brings Faith Alive!

INDIANAPOLIS — He says he’s been lit on fire for God. His mission: to tell the world.

Central Indiana native Clayton Jennings is taking his message on the road, traveling non-stop and speaking to groups who are sometimes willing to travel hours just to hear him in person.
His message is catching fire because millennials are thirsty for truth but he doesn’t water it down, Jennings says.
“So many popular speakers today want to tell you 10 ways to get rich, five ways to feel good, 18 ways to be motivated, and the millennial generation is just tired of hearing that,” Jennings said. “We’re like, ‘It’s a lie, and we don’t buy into that stuff.'”
Jennings comes from a long line of pastors, but he shares his message in untraditional ways that don’t involve going to church on Sunday. He reaches his audience through books, online videos, spoken word poetry, Internet preaching and traveling to preach in person to thousands of people at a time.
In fact, he has reached millions of people through his YouTube videos.