Google Maps Shows “Dump Tower” Instead of Trump Tower…


Google Maps Shows “Dump Tower” Instead of Trump Tower…



source: Google Maps


It looks like someone has a digital sense of humor… I doubt Google found it funny though. Someone’s probably looking for a job right about now. Fortunate for them, with Trump at the helm there should be plenty of jobs in a couple of months.


From CNN:

Trump Tower in New York City, was labeled “Dump Tower” for a few hours on Google Maps.

President-elect Donald Trump and his family are currently using Trump Tower as their residence.

Trump International Hotel & Tower in Columbus Circle had also been renamed Dump International Hotel & Tower earlier Saturday. By Sunday morning, that reference had also been removed.


I feel sorry for the man still driving around New York looking for Trump Tower… Hey buddy, if you’re reading this, check Google Maps now, they fixed it.



source: Google Maps


You’re welcome!



Feature Photo: Google Maps