VIDEO: Domestic Abuse Make-up Tutorial Shown on Muslim Television Program…


Domestic Abuse Make-up Tutorial Shown on Muslim Television Program…



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The lady you see here is Muslim.  You can plainly see the bruising that’s being displayed on her face.  She’s not at a Doctor’s office for help.  She’s not at the police station filing a domestic abuse report against someone;  she’s sitting in a chair as a makeup artist shows her and the television crowd around her the best way to cover up those bruises.

The audience oohs and ahhs as if they’re watching a cooking show where the host just revealed the secret to making a perfect eggs Benedict.  How is this even possible?

This behavior is so normal that you go on national television to reveal how to properly cover up abuse.  Think about that for a second… cause that’s all the time you’re going to need to be furious!

This poor woman (probably an actor) has been made up to look as if she’s been punched repeatedly in the face to the point where bruised cheeks and black eyes have formed;  this is normal life for these poor people.

I’m not trying to demonize every Muslim here but for those who feel like this is okay behavior… You are insane.


From RightWingNews:

Women in Morocco, a predominantly Muslim country, are being taught how to hide evidence of domestic abuse with makeup. That’s right, they’re not being given options to get away from their abuser, they’re being taught methods of enabling their abusers.

I fully understand wanting to cover some types of bruises, but showing women how to cover up domestic violence? That can only lead to bad things, such as the abuser getting more violent because the risk of him getting caught is lower if he knows his victim covers her bruises with makeup.


Watch The Video Below – This Just Isn’t Right…



This type of behavior only worsens the negative perspective that already exists.  I live in a country where domestic abuse is considered a criminal action.  So it’s hard for Americans or any other country for that matter to accept this as normal.


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H/T: RightWingNews