A Father’s Cry: Cyber Bulling Leads to Teen Taking Life in Front of Family – “I lost my angel today.”


TRAGIC: Cyber Bulling Leads to Teen Taking Life in Front of Family





After what relatives say were months of relentless torment on social media, an 18-year-old girl committed suicide in front of her family at their Texas home.

Her father Raul Vela spoke with KOHU:

“My heart’s broken,” said Raul Vela. “I lost my angel today.”

According to Vela, the harassment began more than a year ago when someone began using her picture online.
“And continually posting nasty things about her,” added Vela. “Set up an account saying she was actually soliciting sex.”

Then came the harassing calls.
“Sometimes she wouldn’t sleep. She’d call me at night. She’d say ‘Dad, I can’t sleep. My phone keeps ringing.’”

The bogus pages would be taken down only to re-emerge days later. Brandy and her family complained to the authorities and to anyone who would listen.
“And nobody was willing to help. The help never came.” said Vela.


Something should be done about this. How many more children have to die? I realized it’s a slippery slope. If the government stepped in and placed a punishment on cyber bullying you open the door to people falsifying claims in order to cause problems for innocent people. I see where that could lead, but I stand on the side of prevention, and that might not be possible without the use of consequence. The criminals in this case were able to use apps that made it impossible to track…why does that even exist?

I understand that knives kill people. You can’t blame the manufactures of knives for the evil doings of individuals, I get it; but this is different. it’s different because we have the ability technologically, to address the issue of responsibility. If you create an account to maliciously hurt another, you should be held responsible for your actions.

When I saw the reaction of the father in the video below, my heart was crushed. My daughter is around the same age, I have no words to describe what that must feel like.




We’ve heard it said a million times, “stop bullying others.” Yet this plague still haunts us. There is a vaccine, it’s called kindness. Mix that with love and you’ve got something that can change this world.

If by chance this post reaches someone who’s going through this torment, please…please talk with someone. Get rid of your social media accounts and phones if you have to. Please don’t let these monsters dictate your actions. Please don’t let them take you away from the real people who love you.

To the rest of us, we must take a stand. This is murder. If you see it and don’t stop it you’re an accomplice. This includes every part of us as a country, government included.


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