Bald Eagle Shot Out of Tree By Army Veteran…


Bald Eagle Shot Out of Tree By Army Veteran…


You don’t usually begin a story with that title and end up with a positive ending… Thankfully, we do this time!


Jason Galvin an Army veteran who served 2 tours in Afghanistan knew his way around a rifle and his home state of Minnesota.

While driving near his home, Jason noticed a bald eagle 75 feet up in a tree. That seems like normal behavior but a closer look revealed something quite different.

The eagle was hanging upside down tangled in a rope.





Jason and his wife Jackie called the local officials who all came back with the same answer, (“after almost 3 days, the bird is dead”).

The Gavin’s believed differently so they came up with a plan of their own.

Jackie told Jason to try shooting the rope that held the eagle captive…so he gave it a shot (pun intended).

Killing a bald eagle is a crime, so Jason had to be extremely careful.

150 bullets later, the bird was free. It’s worth mentioning, after an hour and a half of shooting Jason never hit the eagle once. That’s some skill!

After wrapping the bird in a blanket, the couple took it to the Raptor Center where it’s expected to survive.

Jackie and Jason named the eagle “freedom” how appropriate.


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Featured Photo: WCCO