Note Left by Hotel Customer Is Going Viral… That Did Not Just Happen!


Note Left by Hotel Customer Is Going Viral… That Did Not Just Happen!





“If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets!”


How would you like to find this message in your bed after turning in for the night?  Neither would I.

It happened though.  According to AWM, a Courtyard Marriot customer left the note under the sheets to test the cleanliness of the hotel.

The next customer found the note after he climbed in bed for the evening, proving that Marriot left the same sheets on from the previous guest.

It’s obvious how much work takes place in a hotel environment.  I’m sure cutting corners is something that takes place in every hotel chain in the world.  But where safety is in question, it’s a major deal.

This incident could’ve been an oversight, and let’s hope it was.  At the same time this type of behavior should be placed in the spot light.  Not to shame a particular brand but to make sure the safety of people are of the utmost importance.

The following  issues were also brought up concerning hotel property and should be examined the next time you stay away from home.

From AWM:

Ice Buckets: Hotel staff infrequently clean these germ-infested surfaces. As guests frequently use these buckets as vomit containers, they’re not clean for next-day use. The housekeeping staff simply rinse them out and put them back in your room.

Bed Bugs: This oft publicized epidemic is actually worse than the news media outlets let on. As one professional discussed in a video, you need to check your hotel room carefully for bed bugs every time you check in. You’ll need to check the mattress, the end tables, and the luggage rack as bed bugs call these places home.

Hot Tubs: While you probably want to jump into these warm, relaxation centers, they’re usually disgusting. They’re ripe breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and fungi. While hotels clean the water, they don’t clean the pipes. That’s where these problems can grow.


Watch The Disturbing Video Below


source: Inside Edition


Let me throw one more into the mix, the remote control.  You can only imagine how many hands have been on that thing.  I think buying stock in antibacterial wipes would be a good idea.  Those bad boys are going to be in high demand after this one gets out.


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Feature Photo: Inside Edition