What? Student Sent Home From School For This Haircut… College!!!



What? Student Sent Home From School For This Haircut… College!!!





I’ve heard it all now.

A young man receives a normal haircut and is asked to leave school… What would you do if your child was told to leave school because his hair was cut “too short?” or in the words of one parent “he’s just got a boy’s haircut.”

Jake Fedele a sophomore at Corpus Christi College was asked to leave school or wear a hat because his hair might “offend” others.

Jake’s mom Sandra said they had a wedding to attend so Jake got his hair cut for the occasion. “It’s not even 2 centimeters long on top, so it’s not like it’s a long fringe down to his nose or anything like that. He’s just got a boy’s haircut. Literally a boy’s haircut,” she explained.

Sandra was told that Jake’s haircut was a violation of school policy and “potentially offensive.”

She even had a barber’s note stating that the haircut was a “number two,” but Jake still had to wear a hat.
“He hasn’t got a shaved head, stripes or swirls to say he looks gangster-ish. It’s a boy’s haircut,” Sandra said.

I don’t know what this world’s coming to.

You can tell by the picture above that Jake’s haircut looks fine.

Please tell me how this can be offensive?


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H/T: CNSNews

Featured Photo: WND