Obama Slams Own Presidency With Hacking Investigation – “Defend… against all enemies.”


Obama Slams Own Presidency With Hacking Investigation – “Defend… against all enemies.”



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Well people, you better strap yourselves in, we may be in for a rough ride.

President Obama has ordered the CIA to get involved in “hackingate” even though his administration already said there was no evidence.

I suppose this is his last chance to mess with the Republican party.

What’s more troubling, A system that can be hacked or a President who took an oath to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and failed?

Could Obama really be saying by his actions that he’s willing to admit he failed to protect this country to slam the Republican party?


From Bloomberg:


President Barack Obama has directed U.S. intelligence agencies to conduct an investigation into hacking attacks related to the U.S. election and issue a report before he leaves office next month, White House counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco said.

The report, which will be provided to Congress but not necessarily made public, will examine what impact hacking by Russia may have had on the election last month, Monaco said Friday at a breakfast in Washington hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

The report comes as Democrats and some key Republicans in Congress are vowing next year to pursue Russia’s role in hacking even though President-elect Donald Trump has scoffed at a finding already made by U.S. intelligence agencies that the Russian government was behind attacks and leaks on Democrats.


In all sincerity, if this did happen, the blame falls 100% in the lap of our Government that has been ran by Barack Obama for the past 8 years. How could he allow something like this to happen?


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