Secret Santa: All School Lunch Charges Paid By Complete Stranger…


Secret Santa: All School Lunch Charges Paid By Complete Stranger…



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It’s  the little things that matter.  Attention to detail can turn the mundane into a masterpiece.

You may not see the wood and nails that make up the frame work of a home, yet without them you’d have nothing.

The ordinary, is often overlooked by the loud and obnoxious. The cosmetic touches, hog all the attention while the important things stay the course in the lane of consistency.

The backbones of our communities are those who would rather do than be seen. This time of year, brings out the best in people.

The attitude of giving is portrayed in the most beautiful ways and the story below is a perfect example of just that.


From CNN:


On Wednesday, a man came in through the school doors and wrote a check for $864 to wipe off all those overdue amounts. He then offered to provide funds to cover one child’s lunch for the rest of the school year.

“This time of year, can be a financial burden,” Janet Sardon, superintendent of the Yough School District, told CNN. “His intent was to relieve that burden a little bit.”
The school is drafting letters to send as a surprise to the students’ families. The letters won’t reveal who paid the tabs.


See what I’m talking about? This gentlemen’s only objective was to be a blessing through giving. His gesture of kindness will mean so much to the families involved.

This is what making a difference looks like if you’re asking me. The little things can and do make a HUGE impact!


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