The Future Is Here: Amazon Provides Home Drone Delivery – What Do You Think?


The Future Is Here: Amazon Provides Home Drone Delivery – What Do You Think?



Amazon made its first commercial drone delivery on Dec. 7 in Cambridgeshire, England. Credit Amazon


We are a fast food country. The company that figures it out the fastest is the one who profits.

It’s all about convenience and speed. Consumers want access to every product and they want it right now.

When I was growing up in the 80’s and 90’s we dreamed of  flying cars.  Obviously, the technology is out there, but you’re going to need more than the know how to make that happen.

Regulations and safety concerns will determine if most ideas get off the ground (pun intended).

It looks like Amazon is trying their hand at the idea now but on a much smaller scale. Check It Out!


From: The New York Times:

When Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, first said that the e-commerce giant wanted to use drones to deliver packages directly to customers’ homes, many people thought he was crazy.

Three years later, his claims no longer look so outlandish.

The flight — to deliver an Amazon Fire streaming device and popcorn to a customer identified only as Richard B. — took off from a nearby Amazon warehouse and lasted 13 minutes, covering about two miles.

Amazon said it would now test drone deliveries with two more customers near Cambridge, an English city where the company has a large drone-testing plant. If the tests are successful, the company says it wants to expand the number of consumers who could participate in the trial to dozens in the coming months, eventually allowing hundreds to use the drone service.

Amazon is not the first company to test drone delivery.

The Chinese internet retailer has a fleet of drones flying autonomously on round trips of a maximum of 15 miles to reach rural communities (though a person still takes the package on the last leg of its journey to the recipient). In New Zealand, Domino’s Pizza is testing drones to deliver fast food across the country.

And in the United States, 7-Eleven said in July that it had delivered Slurpees, doughnuts and other food to a customer in Reno, Nev. Google has tested drone delivery of Chipotle burritos on the Virginia Tech campus.




Personally, I like the idea.  I really believe this could take off! (yes)

The answer lies in the demand. If the customer wants it, it will happen.

Just a thought…

This type of technology would be useful in transporting food and supplies to places / people where natural disasters have occurred.

Pretty cool if you’re asking me.


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H/T: The New York Times

Featured Photo: Amazon